Lady Care Mask (5pcs)
Lady Care Mask (5pcs)
Lady Care Mask (5pcs)
Lady Care Mask (5pcs)
Lady Care Mask (5pcs)
Lady Care Mask (5pcs)
Lady Care Mask (5pcs)

Lady Care Mask (5pcs)

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Be confident every day with feminine care!

Feel empowered & confident with your intimate health! Give your vulva some tender loving care. Soothe, moisturize, detoxify, and brightens the area down south with Lady Care Mask!
Say goodbye to pesky irritation! Prep yourself for a date, step into head-held-high into your workplace & feel unstoppable all day long with freshness!
Thanks to its organic ingredients such as flower extracts, Centella Asiatica, aloe vera, and Sophora it makes suitably safe for our sensitive private parts!


  • CONFIDENCE & FRESHNESS ALL DAY. Empower a healthy, confident, and consenting woman with poised intimate health.

  • WHITENING & PINKING. The professional ingredients are targeted to remove melanin, soften the skin, and regain back to your 18-year-old skin.

  • RESOLVE VULVA DRYNESS. Boosts hydration, encourages cell turnover, and improves the texture of your bit.

  • REDUCE ITCH & IRRITATION. It aims to strengthen the skin’s ability to defend itself from aggressors such as blemishes, acne, itch, and rough skin caused by hair removal and aging.

  • EASY TO USE. Clean the skin before use, remove the product from the pearl film, stick the product on the private part, and then take it off after about 15-20 minutes.

  • SAFE ORGANIC INGREDIENTS. Formulated with hand-picked nourishing ingredients from around the globe, creating a unique formula suited to your most delicate skin.


  • Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Centella Asiatica, Cortex Phellodendri, Scutellaria, Sophora
  • Shelf- Life: 24 months


 Lady Care Mask x 5pcs